Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi everyone, I am the Shadowed Necromancer (sorry best i could comeupwith, i'm not very good with decesions). I am here to blog about a great game, Wizard101. It is fantastic, i have seven characters on two accounts (although i don't have money to spend ont he second). They are

Wolf Shadowblood, Level 50 Necromancer
Artur, Level 26 Conjurer
Talon IronBlade, Level 30 Diviner
Brand, Level 28 Sorcerer
Jeffery Thunderpants, Level 13 Theurgist
Jose Drakestalker, Level 15 Thaumaturge

And on the second account

Dugan Dunecrafter, Level 7 Pyromancer

Thank you and i hope to have more soon.

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